We want to answer your questions…

We understand you want to know all about this cool gadget. Here are some of the most common questions asked. If you have more, please send us a message via our contact us page. We hope these are helpful in your buying decision.
  1. How do you ride it?
    Riding the RovAbout is simple and easy. Just properly plant both feet on the pedals and pivot with your foot. Pivot your toes forward to go forward. Pivot your heal backwards to go reverse.
  2. Why do I see them cheaper on other websites?
    You won’t find authentic RovAbout  anywhere else besides our own website (www.RovAbout.com) and through our Authorized Dealer Network. Those others might be selling less quality, poor versions, that will probably break within a week or start on fire. We highly advise you to do your homework before placing an order with some other company or individual.
  3. What does your “Prelaunch” promo mean?
    Well, we have officially launched our company. But we are still in the infancy stage and growing. We’re like a baby, we are learning how to walk, we’re ironing out the kinks and getting stronger. We thank you for your support and patience as we get ready to launch our baby in the universe! THANK YOU!!
  4. How fast does it go?
    Typical on flat terrain,RovAbout’s  top speed is up to 7-12 mph. Depends on weight of rider and terrain. Remember, always wear safety gear including helmet, knee and elbow pads. Safety First.
  5. Why buy from RovAbout ?
    You can only buy genuine RovAbout Transporter from our website or our Authorized Dealers, made from high quality materials and components. We test all units for safety and reliability before they make it in your hands.  Watch out for knock-off’s that may look similar but will break easily. And probably not last a long time. Make a sound purchase with RovAbout.
  6. What is the weight limit of a RovAbout ?
    To enjoy riding this cool transporter safely, we recommend a 220 lb limit. The unit can break or bend if overloaded. Do not stand in the middle. Damage or frame breakage is not covered.
  7. My RovAbout does not feel level. What should I do?
    Please see our video on Calibrating to make it level to ground.
  8. Wheels squeaking. How do I fix it?
    Sometimes the humidity levels during shipping dry out the wheel shaft and could make them squeak.
    Simply spray a shot of WD-40 or approved lubricant on the wheel shaft only (not the tires). Spin the wheels to give it an even coat. Take a short ride, the noise should go away after this.
  9. Do I need to know how to balance?
    Can you stand up and walk? Well, that’s all you need to know. You carefully get on and hold yourself up.
  10. What surfaces can RovAbout  go on?
    You can virtually take this self-balancing transporter anywhere. Ride on flat surfaces including pavement, sidewalks, carpet, low grass, dirt and more. Clearing sidewalk bumps and door thresholds under 1/8″ should be no problem. Always obey local ordinance and laws when riding in public.
  11. Is it waterproof?
    No. Do not get it wet! Please do not try to jump in a pool or lake with it. Do not ride in rain or wet floors or puddles. You’ll ruin it, cause a fire or other serious injuries or damage.
  12. How are  RovAbout different than other similar devices?
    We knew you were gonna ask this. It’s a simple answer. We’re Plain Better.
    Better components, stronger battery life, high quality manufacturing processes. We stand behind our awesome transporters! Plus, we’re happy and positive people that just wanna have fun!
  13. How long will it go for?
    Our RovAbout  are workhorses! Based on terrain, you may be able to travel up to 12-15 miles on a full charge.
  14. How do you charge it? 
    Charging your RovAbout  is fast and easy. It’s just like charging your laptop. Simply plug in the power cord into the back of the unit and wait for the red light to turn green. Typically, it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. Do not charge for more than 3 hour.
  15. How do I know if the battery is low?
    If you see a red light and/or hear beeping, you need to fully charge it. Do not ride it partially charged. Your  Rov About should take between 2 and 3 hours to fully charge. Remember these are Lithium batteries, do not charge more than 3 hours max. Keeping the unit plugged in for more than 3 hours can kill the lithium battery.
  16. What are the age requirements?
    Rov About  are made for age 6 to 65 (50lbs). Always check with your doctor to make sure you’re fit to ride. Pregnant women should not ride Rov About . Either should more than 1 person at a time.
  17. What settings can  RovAbout be used in?
    You can ride this thing anywhere. Our self-balancing transporters are perfect for college campuses, conventions, warehouses, parks, schools, work, hospitals, sports center, car shows, promotions and more. Limitless uses!
  18. How do I order?
    That’s simple! Just select the style and color, then use our secure checkout payment system. Your information is safe and will not be shared with anyone. We take your personal information seriously.
  19. When will I receive my order?
    The RovAbout are flying off the shelves. We typically ship out 1-5 business day after receiving your order. This is all based on availability. We’ll let you know if it takes longer than normal shipping times via email. Trust us, the wait it worth it!
  20. How will my order be shipped?
    We exclusively use Fedx or UPS or ltl for big orders, to safely ship your order to you (within the Continental US). We love them!
    If you live outside the United States and want one..
  21. What is your return policy?
    Due to the overwhelming demand of our transporters, we will return only damaged items. All Sales are final. This Includes all back ordered items.
  22. How can a transporter break or stop working?
    All RovAbout are tested in working order before they leave our factory. You can damage bend, damage and ultimately ruin the unit if you operate a transporter improperly. Standing too close in the middle, jumping on or overloading will bend the frame. Rolling the unit can damage components including circuit boards, lighting and battery. You are responsible for usage and maintenance of your transporter. These are not covered.
  23. What to wear?  Always wear safety gear when riding a RovAbout
  24. Why buy from RovAbout.com?
    Because we said so. If you love having a great time and being happy, then you get why we’re in business. Life is all about Fun!
  25. How do i get the owners manual? www.Rovabout@gmail.com and ask for the owners manual.
  26. UL2272 certificated.
  27. Original Samsung battery.
  28. What number is customer service?    6 78-776-1501    Get your own RovAbout today!